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RESISTers'  Dialogue
COP26 Statement

As the COP 26 concludes, Resisters' Dialogue issues its statement on the Climate False solutions being peddled by the UNFCC and corporations.


2nd Asia-Pacific Gathering on Human Rights and Extractives Action Statement

READ: 2nd Asia-Pacific Gathering on Human Rights and Extractives Action Statement | November 16, 2021

We are peoples affected by mining and extractive industries across the Asia-Pacific region. Coming from different communities and from assorted and rich ecosystems, we had once lived comfortably from the bounties of nature. We are women, youth, indigenous peoples, farmers, fishers, forest-dependent peoples. We are human rights defenders and stewards of nature ... Read more


Women protest anti-terror bill, Philippines

'Anti Terror Law' was passed by President Dueterte on July 3rd despite widespread opposition, amidst a series of authoritarian measures being taken in the guise of a 'national security' in the Philippines replacing the Human Security Act of 2007. This law poses threat to environmental activists & land rights defenders dissenting against the Dueterte government. It could especially be endangering to indigenous peoples who have for years been threatened, harassed, terrorised and red-tagged for asserting their rights to the land as mentioned by Alyansa Tigil Mina in their statement against the law


Mining groups oppose privatisation of coal, Indonesia.

On 10 June 2020, Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo signed a bill amending Law No. 4 of 2009 on Minerals and Coal Mining (“2009 Mining Law”) which has now been ratified into Law No. 3 of 2020 (“2020 Mining Law”). The amendments were enacted to reinvigorate the mining sector and encourage investment in mining exploration. This law had been slated for a parliamentary vote last year but was not passed due to mass public protests. However with lesser public participation due to social distancing rules during the pandemic, the parliament took the use of this opportunity to pass this bill into law despite the massive public outcry that has been gathered over the past year over this bill. The consequences of this bill are massive as it proposes a definition of a 'legal mining territory' that allows mining companies to extend their operations to an unlimited extent and it allows automatic permit renewals for mining companies for up to 20 years. This law also seeks to abolish article 165 which has provisions regarding criminal acts and corruption sanctions of officials.


Against Draft Environment Impact Assessment 2020, India

With the introduction of the Draft Environment Impact Assessment 2020, the Ministry of Environment and Forest seeks to drastically restructure the process of environment monitoring and regulation in India, which is proposed as an amendment to the existing Environment Impact Assessment 2006. Moreover, the draft seeks to dilute not just the EIA 2006 (which itself lacks the strength of environmental protection) but also circumvents various rulings made by the National Green Tribunal and Courts, including the Supreme Court, against the earlier attempts of the central government to amend environmental regulations in favour of industries. 


'DMF Ka Hissa', India 

Coal mining work has continued despite the pandemic & its dire consequences on the health & safety of mineworkers in several states. On the other hand, many workers lost their jobs due to pandemic. There haven't been any support packages to rehabilitate them through the District Mineral Foundation (DMF) fund that was constituted for the welfare & well-being of mineworkers & mining-affected communities. Moreover, the finance minister announced that the DMF fund should be used for COVID-19 relief work to augment health care preparedness. The mineworkers who were suffering from silicosis faced more problems as their silicosis certification process and treatment was further delayed due to the lockdown.

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